The Voice of Switzerland

SRF has secured the rights on the new casting-concept “The Voice of Switzerland”. The show will air in January 2013.

“The Voice” is all about the contestant’s singing talents. The jury evaluates the singers in “Blind Auditions”, without seeing them. During the show, the function of the jury changes, and they become mentors for the contestants, on their way to the finals.
From 2013 on, the show will be on swiss TV.

The second phase is the so-called “Battle Round”, where the members of the teams are competing against each other. In the last phase, the candidates have to sing in front of the TV audience, as well as the jury again.
“The Voice” is a concept from the dutch company Talpa.

SRF is looking forward to make “The Voice”.

g+g, Schweizer Fernsehen, 12.01.2012

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  • Janis


    thank you for this, how can one join this contest?

    Many thanks, and look forward to your reply.

    ms. Janis


      Hello Janis. At SF they are not ready so far. We will post on our Blog if we know the address.

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